We are known by our customers as a tailor-made manufacturer.

We can customise any of the products in our range:

  • Reagents
  • Inorganic salts
  • Organic salts
  • Solvents
  • Solutions
  • Mixtures

What do we CUSTOM MAKE?

We adapt our specifications to your specifications. In addition to complying with your specifications, we also guarantee your parameters and values and you get a COA exactly in line with your requirements

We can manufacture customised solutions of our salts and also tailor-made reagents according to your recipe

 There are two possibilities:

  • Our R&D team studies the possibility of producing a product that is not included in our current product range.
  • In the case of products that are in our range but the customer would like a custom purification or synthesis process, we might be able to produce the customised product at our sites.

Particle size distribution is an important physical property and cleanliness indicator, but it also affects the functional properties of the substance. Particle size distribution affects the reactivity of solids participating in chemical reactions. Therefore we can customise to the particle size distribution the customer needs.

Quality Chemicals is aware of the importance of accompanying our high-quality products with high-quality packaging to keep them in optimum condition. We offer a wide range of packaging solutions in terms of both capacities and materials to adapt as much as possible to your needs:

  • Small packaging in different sizes: 100 g, 500 g, 1 kg, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 l, 2.5  l, etc.
  • Bulk packaging in different sizes: 5 kg, 25 kg, 200 l, 1000 l, etc
  • Any kind of material: plastic, stainless steel, metal, steel, etc.

We can adapt our quality control following your analytical methods.


Quality Chemicals offers the service to process or manufacture a custom product using the raw material the customer provides.