Companies are increasingly looking to do more with fewer resources. If your company is restricted in capacity or currently unable to get hold of the resources it needs, you may need to consider whether to develop capabilities in-house or outsource.

Quality Chemicals has built up over 90 years’ experience in developing new grades of high-purity chemicals. We offer you our knowledge and manufacturing facilities to develop and manufacture products according to your requirements and your own brand.

This service’s main goal is to provide you with cost savings on manufacturing a product which Quality Chemicals has been producing for years and deliver a global solution in the private label business.

Quality Chemicals meets your product needs and specifications. Your requirements will be translated into Quality Chemicals’ operational infrastructure, quality management systems and production workflows.

Why outsource?

  1. Expertise at your service:
    • More than 70 years manufacturing high-purity salts
    • Strict quality control
    • Experts at handling hazardous chemicals
    • Experts at putting them into all type of containers
  2. Savings/cost efficiencies; reduce your capital investment in:
    • Development
    • Production
    • Storage
    • Eliminate the purchase and stocking of raw materials
    • Eliminate in-house testing to the required QC standards
    • Allows you to concentrate on the products you already have
  3. Human resources: Realign resources into more value-added roles. They can focus more on strategic plans and growing the business than developing new core competencies.
  4. Reduce time to market: working with a private label supplier means a quicker time to market for companies considering building out new capacity to support a new product launch or continue growing through their existing infrastructure.
  5. Wide range of products: reduce number of suppliers
  6. Flexibility: in scale and processes

Private Labelling Services

Our Private Labelling Services include:

  • Packaging, a range of options:
    • Your packaging material
    • Our anonymous external material, such as cardboard boxes
    • Your caps or our caps
    • Your bottles or our bottles
  • Labels: it is recommended that the customer provides their own labels
  • Customised product in terms of specifications, purification, particle size, etc.