The beauty market involves different business segments: body care; capillary cosmetics: (ingredients for hair colours, shampoo, conditioners); facial care; skin care; eye care. The personal care industry is expected to have a strong growth as consumers become increasingly concerned with preserving a youthful beauty.

Consumers are more and more interested in product effectiveness and the ingredients used in personal care products. Quality Chemicals as a raw material manufacturer offers high-purity mineral salts as ingredients in cosmetics products.

Our ingredients for cosmetics products can be:

We offer preservatives used in the manufacturing process of a cosmetic product to inhibit microbial growth and chemical changes such as:

0112Benzoic acid
0390Sodium benzoate sol.30%
0458Zinc sulphate 7-hydrate

We offer salts to increase the viscosity of the cosmetic products such as:

1463Potassium sulphate
1722Sodium chloride
1708Sodium hydrogencarbonate

Base ingredients are commonly employed as buffering agents in products, used to adjust pH levels. The salts we offer include

0029Ammonia aqueous 28% (as NH3) w/w
0190Ammonia aqueous 30% (as NH3) w/w
0428Calcium hydroxide
1736Sodium hydroxide
1708Sodium hydrogencarbonate. popularly used for making bath bombs.

Various types of acids can be used effectively in cosmetics either as pH adjustment, buffer agents, exfoliants or preservatives such as:

0105Acetic acid glacial
0112Benzoic acid
0113Boric acid
0115Citric acid 1-hydrate
0128Fumaric acid
0116Hydrochloric acid 35%
0267Hydrochloric acid 37%
0111L(+)-Ascorbic acid
0130L(+)-Lactic acid
0154L(+)-Tartaric acid
0132Maleic acid
0127Phosphoric acid 85%
0147Succinic acid
0150Sulfuric acid

Emollients are used to soften and smooth the skin and protect it from dryness. They can be incorporated into cosmetics formulations to add that glide on feeling and keep skin silky soft.

03231-3, Butilenglicol PS
0459Zinc sulphate 1-hydrate
0780Zinc sulphate 6-hydrate
0395Zinc sulphate 7-hydrate sol.50%

Solvents are helpful to dissolve some cosmetics ingredients, and they are included in our product range.

1002iso-Butyl alcohol

There are other interesting properties of our salts used in cosmetics products as shown in the table below:

03231-3, Butilenglicol PSmoisturizing, emollient
0105Acetic acid glacial
165Aluminium chloride 6-hydratedeodorizer
184Aluminum potassium sulphate 12-hydratedeodorizer
661Aluminum potassium sulphate anhydrousdeodorizer
277Ammonia aqueous 20% (as NH3) w/wpH adjustment
29Ammonia aqueous 28% (as NH3) w/wpH adjustment, for shaving spum production
190Ammonia aqueous 30% (as NH3) w/wcapillary-cosmetics
191Ammonium acetate
202Ammonium chloridewhitening agent, pH adjustment
1057Ammonium glycolate 50% solutionhealing properties
193Ammonium hydrogencarbonate
217Ammonium sulphaterheologic agent, astringent
853Benzalconium chloride sol. 50%antimicrobial agent, bactericide
2868Benzalconium chloride sol. 80%antimicrobial agent, bactericide
112Benzoic acidpH adjustment, preservative
160Benzyl alcoholpreservative, reduces viscosity
113Boric aciddeodorizer, buffer agent, eye care
417Calcium carbonatewhitening agent
497Calcium chloride 2-hydraterheologic agent, astringent
498Calcium chloride anhydrousrheologic agent, astringent
425Calcium dihydrogenphhosphate 1-hydratepH adjustment, abrasive
8515Calcium hydrogenphhosphate 2-hydrateanticaking, abrasive
428Calcium hydroxidepH adjustment
429Calcium nirate 4-hydrate
427Calcium phosphate
432Calcium sulphate 2-hydrateabrasive, bodycare
8208Calcium sylicate
433Carbon activefacial care
464Chloramine T
493Cinc chloride sol- 50% p/p PEantiseptic
456Cinc oxidewhitening agent,solar protection, antiseptic
115Citric acid 1-hydrateacidulant
468Cobalt (II) chloride 6-hydrate
472Cobalt (II) sulphate 7-hydrate
487Copper (II) sulphate 5-hydrate PHantiseptic, fungicide
486Copper (II) sulphate anhydrousbodycare, conditioner
1451di- Potassium dihydrogenphosphate anhydrous
201di-Ammonium hydrogencitrate
208di-Ammonium hydrogenphosphatebuffer agent, anticorrosive
1732di-Sodium hydrogenphosphate 12-hydrateeye care
2866di-Sodium hydrogenphosphate 2-hydrateeye care
1034di-Sodium hydrogenphosphate 7-hydrate
1731di-Sodium hydrogenphosphate anhydrouseye care
1759di-Sodium tetraborate 10-hydrateantiseptic, fungicide
119EDTA, disodium salt 2-hydratechelating agent, eye care
128Fumaric acid
802Glycerineeye care
116Hydrochloric acid 35%
267Hydrochloric acid 37%
921Iron (II) sulphate 7-hydratebodycare, astringent
914Iron (III) chloride 6-hydrate
1002iso-Butyl alcoholsolvent
162Isopropyl alcohol
111L(+)-Ascorbic acid
130L(+)-Lactic acidpH adjustment
154L(+)-Tartaric acidpH adjustment
1102Lithium carbonate
1201Magnesium acetate 4-hydrate
1204Magnesium chloride 6-hydratebodycare
1281Magnesium chloride sol.50%
1210Magnesium nitrate 6-hydrate
1213Magnesium sulphate 7-hydraterheologic agent, conditioner
1212Magnesium sulphate anhydrous
2884Magnesium sulphate dryrheologic agent, conditioner
132Maleic acidconditioner
1224Manganese (II) sulphate 1-hydrate
1217Manganese bioxide QPcapillary-cosmetics
710Phenol 90%
127Phosphoric acid 85%.pH adjustment
1431Potassium acetate
1467Potassium and sodium tartrate 4-hydrate
1443Potassium chloridepH adjustment, buffer agent
1450Potassium dihydrogenphosphate
1454Potassium hydroxide
1456Potassium iodide
1457Potassium metabisulfite
1458Potassium nitratesensitive skin-desensitiser
1463Potassium sulphatethickening agent (viscosity-increasing agent)
1703Sodium acetate 3-hydrate
1704Sodium acetate anhydrous
390Sodium benzoate solution 30% QPpreservative
1717Sodium carbonate anhydrous
1722Sodium chloridethickening agent (viscosity-increasing agent)
1722Sodium chloridethickening agent (viscosity-increasing agent)
1837Sodium dihydrogenphosphate 1-hydrateeye care
1730Sodium dihydrogenphosphate 2-hydrateeye care
1708Sodium hydrogencarbonate QP (particle size 0,5mm)thickening agent, pH adjustment
668Sodium hydrogensulphate 1-hydrate
1710Sodium hydrogensulphate anhydrousrheologic agent
1736Sodium hydroxide pelletspH adjustment
1767Sodium hydroxide sol.50%
1712Sodium metabisulfite
1750Sodium silicate 36-40%ph adjustment
1752Sodium sulphate 10-hydrate
664Sodium sulphate anhydrous
1753Sodium sulphit anhydrousantioxidant
1760Sodium tiosulphate 5-hydrate
147Succinic acid
150Sulfuric acidpH adjustment
1816Talc, washed
1805Titanium bioxidewhitening agent
1260tri-Magnesium citrate hydrate
1734tri-Sodium phosphate 12-hydrate
1812TriethanolaminepH adjustment
1901Ureaconditioner, pH adjustment
1838Urea granulated
446Zinc acetate 2-hydratefoot care, deodorizer, haircare
788Zinc acetate 2-hydrate anhydrousfoot care, deodorizer, haircare
3512Zinc acetate 2-hydrate GMPfoot care, deodorizer, haircare
2566Zinc chloride anhydrousdeodorizer, antimicrobial
865Zinc chloride sol.63%
455Zinc nitrate 4-hydrate
456Zinc oxidebulking agent , a colorant a skin protectant, sunscreen
463Zinc sulfofenate 8-hydrate
459Zinc sulphate 1-hydrateemollient
780Zinc sulphate 6-hydrateemollient
458Zinc sulphate 7-hydratepreservative
395Zinc sulphate 7-hydrate sol.50%emollient