General Management

Lluis Aragones
General Manager


93 770 97 33


Eva Docampo
Purchasing Manager

Cooperation and partnership with all departments is the best way to know ourselves.

93 770 97 34

Marta Sellarès
Purchasing Analyst

Researching new sources of raw materials is one of the most amazing things about my job as well as the relationship with many different people around the world.

93 807 78 00


Estela Reyes
Accounts Department

Do what you have to do until you transform your job into your talent.

93 827 96 96


Airy Cortada
Sales Director

I have been working in the field of chemistry for more than 18 years. I am passionate about my team, my customers and my two little princesses!

93 770 97 35

Josep Gomez
Customer Service Manager

Developing and implementing good customer service management while always taking into account market demands and checking that everything is accomplished.

93 770 97 32

Iman Elmeua
Customer Service Assistant

Taking the best care of our customers, trying to learn from everything we do and never stopping improving our work and attitude.

93 827 96 84

Enrique Vaque
Export Area Manager

Export manager for several European countries and for selected clients from the USA and Asia. This job includes prospecting and visiting clients for the definition of their requirements, offer preparation and monitoring projects.

+34 620 249 957

Visi Rojas
Export Area Manager

Multi-national cultures, new challenges; that’s my life.

+34 619 72 47 41

Mònica Sanjuan
Export Area Manager

Always moving forward.

+34 606 10 44 45

Marta Bergada
Sales Representative

Joining our customers in their daily needs by offering reliable products for their processes.

+34 619 13 02 51

Raúl San José
Sales Representative

Providing solutions to our customers and seeking new applications for our products.

+34 696 93 92 58

Quality Unit

Our Quality Team.

Josep Mª la Poza
Technical Manager

Technical manager

93 770 97 30

Olga Bertran
Q.C. Lab. Manager

In the race for quality there is no finishing line.

93 777 74 89

Tania Celeiro
Analytical Development

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

Alex Vera
R+D Manager

I design and carry out laboratory experiments for development, rating, verification and validation of testing methods using multiple analytical techniques. I also solve analytical problems and I provide instrumental training to my team members.

Carlos Sanchez
R&D Technician

The important thing is not to stop asking questions. Curiosity’s there for a reason.

Jordi Ferrando
Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Our goal is to always improve the quality of our systems for our customers’ convenience.

93 827 96 85

Laia Galito
Quality Assurance Technician

Continuous improvement is the best future investment.

93 827 96 85


David Carreras
Operations Manager

Quality begins on the inside and then works its way out.

Our Production Team.


Jose Luis Arias
Logistics Manager

Logistics Manager.

+34 93 555 55 55

Our Logistics Team.

GMP Production

Our GMP Production Team

Our GMP Production Team

Our GMP Production Team

GMP Management

Angel Nogales
Plant Manager

+ 34 629 16 55 62

GMP Quality

Our GMP Quality Team.

Factory Maintenance

Vicente Ferrer