We offer two of our mineral salts free-flowing with no need to add an anti-caking agent, which would adulterate the product. They are:


Potassium Chloride free-flowing


Potassium nitrate free-flowing

The main advantage of free-flowing version salts is:

  • Increased productive manufacturing time
  • Decreased risk of operator injury

The operator can move away from using brute force to crush the salts. Once the user, the operator, tries the free-flowing salt version, it is very difficult to convince them to go back to caked material.

Caked material is a result of the formation of bridges of the salt solutions that are created by the particles of the material in the surface that dissolve with water molecules.

This water is present in the product as humidity inside the packaging, as moisture or as hydration water.

The formation of these bridges can be caused by:

  • Particle size
  • Particle shape
  • Particle size distribution

Another advantage of free-flowing salts is that the industry tries to avoid anti-caking agents as they are no longer a single entity material and cannot be labelled as USP or any pharmacopoeia.

Our more than 90 years’ experience in chemistry and product modification expertise enable us to offer free-flowing salts.