Discover Our In-House Micronisation Service

Our modernised manufacturing facilities are equipped with robust and reliable millers and micronisers. Depending on the solid, these allow us to reduce the average diameter of solid products to a micrometer range as low as 3 microns. In order to best serve industries such as pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, oral care, and nutraceuticals, our service can be tailor-made to aid in achieving:

  • Increased rates of dissolution
  • Consistent distribution of particle size
  • Patchless tablet coating
  • Enhanced Particle Dispersion
Particle size reduction – Micronization and milling

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What We Offer

  • Particle Size Distribution Analysis
  • Tailor Made Particle Size Reduction
  • APIs in micron range
  • Guided Feasibility and Optimization studies
  • Homogenization and blending
  • Specialized Millers for different applications
  • Agglomerate Control
  • Solution-based approach to novel projects

ISO and GMP Certification

Our Equipment

Your Next Micronising and Milling Service Provider

We offer our micronisation service in compliance with ISO or GMP quality systems, including regulated drug substances such as APIs and Excipients. This is thanks to our facilities being accredited and certified with:

  • ISO 9000
  • ISO 14000
  • ISO 22000
  • ISO 45000
  • GMP
  • GMP+
  • FDA Approved
Your Next Micronizing and Milling Service Provider

Reliable Particle Size Distribution (PSD) Analysis

Particle size distribution is an important physical property and cleanliness indicator, but it also affects the functional properties of the substance. PSD affects the reactivity of solids participating in chemical reactions. Our robust Malvern Masterizer 3000 is a compact optical system that uses laser diffraction to measure particle size distribution for both wet and dry dispersions, all in a compact, easy to use, and accurate system. This allows us to customise the PSD according to your needs and carry out its analysis on a daily basis to obtain reliable results, every time.

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